Wimbeldon 2017 ~ Betting tips

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Wimbeldon 2017 ~ Betting tips

So, on to Day 2 of Wimbledon and we’ve got three more top tips from a betting expert user who’s up nearly 3,000 units of profit hi, I’m Joe welcome to bettingexpert. Today, I’ve got three more tips from Wimbledon and our user Galgan, who, like I said, is up nearly 3,000 units of profit. His profit yield on his tips as well is close to 10 %, so that’s really good going and I just wanted to sample three of his tips for today’s action. He’S got a lot more listed on the website as well. You can go, follow his profile and just check out all of his different tips.

Today, it’s not just tennis. There is Europa League as well and plenty more first, let’s get into it with today’s first top tip, there’s a common theme actually in Galgan’s tips. Today, he’s looking at the total games market and actually going under the line in all three tips. Now the first one is in the match between Kyle, Edmund & Alex Ward and there the line is set at 34.5 games and the second prediction from Galgan is in the match between Jordan, Thompson and Albert Ramos, and there the line is currently set quite high. Actually, 41.5 games, but Galgan just predicts that game will finish quicker than that.

So under is the prediction and the final tip from Galgan today from Wimbledon I’m going to feature anyway, at least is in the game between James Ward and Marcos. Baghdatis and again is the total games under the line. This time the line is at 37.5 games. What do you make of today’s tips thanks a lot to Adam, by the way he looked at yesterday’s video and did the summary of the results? So yes, yesterday, we didn’t do too well.

We just had the one winner but I’ll, be back tomorrow to review the results of today’s tips as well as giving you three more for day three of Wimbledon. If you are gon na place, a bet then gamble responsibly. We’Re not saying that these tips are guaranteed, we’re just taking a look at the track record of our tipsters and trying to highlight why they are good at their tips. But let’s see how they get on I’ll, be back soon for more. But thanks a lot for watching and I’ll speak to you soon.