Enjoy Your Game


What’S up guys, It’s Robson Hayashida here and today we are going to talk about how you can make profit by trading like a casino. But why do you want to trade like a casino? It’S because have you ever heard of the famous quote that says the house? Always wins? Yes, that’s right, So the house always wins.

The casino always wins, but you may be thinking right now. Oh, but I’ve been to Macau, I’ve been to Las Vegas a few times. I have been to a casino there and I played like four or five times and I won Yes, you may have won like once. You may win twice. You may win a few times, but by the end of the day the casino always wins. Okay.

So if you keep playing and playing and playing by the end of the day, the casino will make most of the money all right. How do they do that? I am gon na show you how, By giving you a example of something that you can find at any casino, It is a very common game.

Okay, so if you playing casino, you can find lots of games One of them. It’S not the most famous game. I would say, is the roulette have ever heard of the game of roulette, so the game roulette was made by a mathematician. This is a French word and the mathematician was also french. His name was Blaise Pascal and he made this game in the 17th century.

So hundreds of years ago, okay, so it’s basically what it says so roulette in French means small wheel, okay, so the roulette is basically small wheel and you have here the center, so you’re going to spin the center and the roulette is going to spin. So you have here: okay, lots of numbers; okay, so you have numbers and you have colors okay, so you have numbers from like one, two, three, four, five, six and so on. Okay and you have colors, so you have black and you have right.

So you have black slots: okay and you have whoops, then you have right slots and you have right slots, okay and so on. Okay, all over the roulette. So how did you play this game? You play this game by throwing a ball and a ball and you spin the device. Okay, so you spin the roulette and the ball is going to rotate okay around the roulette and eventually it’s going to fall somewhere and if it falls where the place. You bet you make money, And you can bet like using various methods.

You can bet on numbers. You can bet on single numbers like one with five or like nine or you can bet on colors To make the example simple today, let’s let’s bet on colors, So you have on the casino okay on there on the roulette game, you have 18 black slots. Okay. 18 black slots and you have 18 red 18 right slots. So let’s say that you bet on. Let’S say you glad you bet on red, I’m betting on red, What’s the chance of for you of winning this game, So you may be thinking okay.

So there are the same number of red and the same number of black slots, so my chance of winning is 50 %, is half 50 % right? No, it’s not why it’s not 50 %. It is because the casino manipulates the game in a way that they have more advantage over you. How do they do that?

It is because not only you have black slots and red slots, but you also have green slots. So here you have one slot. That is green, okay, which is the number zero all right, and this used to be in the French in the original French version of the game they used to have 18 black slots, 18 red slots and one green slot. Okay, that was in the original version. So once these getting going to the states in the state, the American version added one more green slot. So here on the base, you have another green slot, and this green slot is the zero zero slot.

Okay. So in this game, in the American version of the rule act, you have 18 black blocks dating right slots and two green slots. Okay, so you have a total of 38 two slots, all right so based on these, what are actually the actual chances for you of winning this game? Okay, so let’s say that in the example that I just mentioned – let’s say you were going to bet on red right.

So if you better read, you would have 18 chances of winning out of 38. Okay, not 36 is 38 because of two green slots, so that would give you, okay, you as the player, all right you as the player. That would give you a total of 37 point three percent of winning this bet. Okay, on the other hand, the casino, okay, the house, the casino, would have a chance of winning over you of not 18 but training.

Okay. Why? Because it, if you bet on red, the casino would have a chance of 18 black plus 2 green.

So the casino would have a chance of 18 over sorry and that would give the casino a slight bigger chance over you of 52.7 %. Okay. So the chances that the casino has over you, after all, is we’re going to subtract this amount from this amount, and you have a total chance that, because you has over you an advantage, okay, the casino has an advantage of 5.4 % over you all right and That’S how they make money, and you may be thinking okay, so four point five point: four percent is not that much of an advantage right, but keep thinking that the casino does this continuously, like repeatedly does it over and over again. So, by the end of the day, they make a huge amount of money. So how?

What does this mean to you? So in other words, let’s say that you want a casino any of that one u.s dollar? Okay.

So if you pass one US dollar, okay, the casino would make. Of course it’s not for sure, because nothing is for sure on trading not for sure on gambling. Okay, so the casino would eventually have the chance of making five cents, okay or or five point four cents: okay, so five cents?

Okay! So if you and your friends went to casino and spent there, okay weren’t even US dollars, they can see no out of 1 million US dollars that you guys back on a casino okay, hello on a roulette, okay, the house, the casino, would eventually have made 54,000 U.S dollars, okay, all right! So it’s fifty four thousand US dollars for every 1 million US dollars that you bet, okay.

So by looking at this guy’s, what do you think you should do so we should create like a casino right and but what has actually? How do we before I explain how we trade, like a casino, let’s understand how we trade okay, so let’s say that we went to casino and we’re going to bet on a roulette. So let’s say that the first time that we’re going to watch the game first right so let’s say the first time that was spin. We got black okay and then we spin it again and we got black again: okay and we spin again. Then we got black again and we spin again, then we got black again: okay, four times black. So let’s say that we’re going to spin again.