Top 5 Poker Moments

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Top 5 Poker Moments

In 12 years of covering live events and making TV shows, our cameras have caught some amazing achievements and memorable moments. How– how did that go in there? Ahh! Tell you right now, I just want to cry, but.

I like playing with you, it’s fun. I just want to know if I won one hand in the last 60 hands. No way. Here’s the Top 5. There’s always a buzz in the poker room when a famous face sits down to play.

And we always get excited when a star goes deep in a major tournament. At number 5, sporting legend Ronaldo takes on poker’s elite in the 2015 PCA and makes quite the debut. [INAUDIBLE] Is that a call? Yeah.

Call. Ronaldo calls all in and he has a huge dog here. Well, Ronaldo, it was nice having you here.

Unless you do something terrible to this boy. Lockhart a 7 to 3 favorite almost. Sergio Garcia rooting for the underdog. Whoo, flush draw on the flop. Well that should pep him up a little.

I know who I’m cheering for. Huh? I know who I’m cheering for. Huge Chris Lockhart fan.

Ronaldo now has 12 outs. He needs a diamond or a deuce to survive. The river card– is a deuce! Wow.

Wins with a pair of deuces. That shouldn’t even count. A pair of 2’s?

How– how did that go in there? Ah [BLEEP]. Ronaldo was eventually eliminated in 26th place, cashing for 42 grand. From idol to hero. Former New York police officer Mike Kosowski was a first responder on 9/11. The TV show Million Dollar Challenge gave him the chance to win a seven figure score by beating Daniel Negreanu heads up.

Action will begin on Daniel. And the actions here are three to call. King-4 off suit. I’m going all in. All In.

Moving all in. This could be it. Mike looking out at 7-5. Why not? You calling?

Yeah, I’ll call. He makes the call! I got one good one. Got a king. OK, you got a 7-5. Yeah.

14 total is what I got. You beat me once with this exact hand, the 7-5. Daniel remembering the hand that turned the match earlier. If Mike Kosowski gets lucky again, he is a millionaire.

To the flop. There’s a king. Oh, now you need an 8. That would be sick. I got a king, he needs an 8. An 8– an 8 and it’s over.

An 8, it’s over! Come on! Remember, Mike caught the one 8 left in the deck earlier tonight to knock out Brian Barbosa. If he catches an 8 again, this match is over. The turn.

It’s a 6. It’s a good one for me. No 8. Back in action. So Daniel in good shape to double up and work his way right back into this match. Only an 8 will give Mike the million.

Your heart’s gotta be pumping right now. Yeah, it is. We go to the river. An 8! And Mike wins! Oh my gosh!

Congratulations, friend. The 8 is your lucky card! Huh? Thank you. The 8 is your lucky card! Unbelievable!

Mike Kosowski at 3. More Negreanu as he and Phil Ivey face off in the final of Shark Cage Season 2. It’s like the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight. Yeah, that’s what this is. That’s what it’s like?

I do like Floyd. Let’s move. Check, check, check.

That don’t look like Floyd to me. Huh? No? The first and only time these poker greats of played heads up in a tournament. You had a nice run there, Jerome.

Thanks, Kid Poker. OK. I like to playing with you, it’s fun. You enjoying it? You enjoying it now?

Now I’m enjoying it way more. I’m all in. Phil shoves! I call. And Daniel calls!

Set. Set’s good. This could be it! Oh, I win. Oh no, you need a 6. Never mind.

I didn’t see that part. But I’m in good shape right now. I’m ahead.

Best shape of his life. Eh, you never know. Phil needs a 6. You don’t want to win like that anyway, catching a 6. I do [INAUDIBLE].

Not– you don’t care, right? Just however it happens? That would be dirty.

He doesn’t want to win that way. He’d throw it back. If a 6 comes, he’d just threw it back.

I sure would. He’d be like, you know what? No.

I don’t want it. I can’t– I can’t win like that. That’s my reputation. The river card– is a 10! Daniel takes it down! One and O. Whoa!

Good game! At 2, even more Negreanu! In 2013, he made the final table of the EPT 9 Grand Final alongside Steve O’Dwyer, Johnny Lodden, and former champs Mercier and Jake Cody. It’s a lineup many still consider to be– The greatest EPT final table in history. This is the greatest final table that poker has ever seen. I follow a lot of poker around the world and I haven’t seen a final table to be stacked in anything.

To be crowned the EPT champion at the grand final and this is once in a lifetime. And it did not disappoint. Where’s my money? And while we didn’t crown our first two-time champs, Steve O’Dwyer did get his long overdue victory.

It’s an ace on the river! It’s quads for O’Dwyer! to see him triumph here in Monaco and win the EPT 9 Grand Final Main Event! Good job, Steve. What about mowing down the sickest final table that’s ever been assembled?

That’s– I don’t know, I have no words for that either. I can’t believe I won. And we’re sticking with the EPT for the greatest PokerStars moment of all time. After nine years and nearly 100 main events, we’ve never seen a two-time winner on the tour– Whooo! –until Victoria Coren Mitchell, the first woman to win an EPT trophy, made the final table of EPT 10 Sanremo. And Fundaro just calls, playing his aces deceptively.

Oh boy! Two pair for Vicky. Stop it.

Vicky now a huge favorite. Roughly a 3 to 1 favorite over Fundaro. And Fundaro’s perspective, he has an absolute monster here. And he’s really [INAUDIBLE] as well, so he’s going to convince himself that– I mean, VIcky could be betting anything.

Yeah, exactly. He does raise. And with authority! A check raise from Giacomo Fundaro. This is not a time where you want to make a rookie mistake.

Realize the guy’s got more chips or it’s not your turn to act, she’s just kind of over-thinking everything right now. Vicky just called, we’re going to the turn. It’s a 10. So Fundaro now picks up gut shot to a straight.

And this board’s starting to get kind of dangerous for queen-jack. Now, we know that she’s got a lock on the hand for a moment, put against ace-king, she’s not doing so hot. Well Fundaro’s equity hasn’t changed since the flop. Fundaro can hit a set. He can counter Vicky’s hand with a 7 or a 10. Remember, he check raised the flop, but he does not continue to bet on the turn.

He checks to Vicky– And Vicky must bet here, because even though she has two pair, there are cards that can come on the river that she will not like. I think he has to make a decision now. I think he’s going to be shoving a lot of the time here.

All in. He shoves! And Vicky calls! No tank this time!

And we are on the verge of making history on the European Poker Tour! Vicky Coren gets in ahead. What a sweat! Giacomo Fundaro needs an ace, king, 10, or 7. He has 12 outs.

Any other card on the river and we have all first two-time EPT champ! Just an unreal tense moment right now. If you’re ever going to fray Vicky, Easter Sunday is the day to do it. The entire poker world calling for a deuce. No ace, no king, no 10, no 7! It’s a brick!

It’s a brick! Vicky Coren has done it! She is first player in the history of 10 seasons of the European Poker Tour to win two main event titles! And I cannot think of a better ambassador for the game who reaches so many facets of life to have accomplished this task. You played very good.

Congratulations. In front of a huge audience, maybe one of the biggest we’ve ever had on EPT live. And just look at the emotion on her face, she doesn’t even believe it’s over.

An incredible achievement yet to be equaled. Well, those are the five moments that got our juices pumping. And there were more countdowns to be seen at