Roulette Tips & Strategies – Is Roulette as Random as you think?

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Roulette Tips & Strategies – Is Roulette as Random as you think?

Hi everyone today we’re going to talk about random and is rule it truly random. There’S different trades thought about that. That’S for sure, but I’ll give you my views and I believe yes rule. It is random to a certain extent, and by that I mean there are patterns, there are patterns, you can see and rule it and you can take advantage of those patterns. So one of the systems that many people start roulette with is the doubling up system or martingale, and you can look at other videos, one of my other videos. It explains that further, but it’s very easy and you’re doubling up on every loss.

Okay, till you make until you win basically, but of course there’s a big danger that eventually you will lose depending on well, no matter how you bet. Okay and many people start off with black and red betting, those or even odd, so even money bets or high and low or combinations. Now, I’m going to show you a few things that can help you out because short term martingale, I believe, is fine. Okay, it’s just when you use martingale all the time, eventually corrupt you and take away all your profits.

So to say the martingale isn’t good for every method to play, I believe, is not correct. It depends how you play the game. What what strategy you’re using now? I’M going to give you a few pointers on how to find some patterns that can help you short term with the martingale.

Just betting, red and black want to keep it nice and easy, and will use a great rule that extreme software that I like to use, because that just builds a bit of a history. And you can also look at six as well. And it does use a randomizer system, you can actually plug in actual casino spins in here and upload them in okay. So that’s available too, but I’m just going to use the random system because overall, it gives the same sort of result. Now, how can we make random, not random?

Well, first, we’ve got to have a series of spins to look back on because I believe the past can in a way predict the future. Yes, every every red or black or even green, that’s spun. It could be either one of those okay, but look at systems.

You can minimize that randomness, and this is what I mean so, let’s, let’s do some spins okay, so we’re going to do we’re going to have a history, let’s say 15 or so spins. Now, as you can see there, who can see patterns, there’s definitely patterns here. The first pattern I can see with the oldest number spun is all blacks. Okay, so we’re just focusing on red black. Keep it nice and easy. Now did the black repeat.

Yes, it did until it stopped, and the red came obviously now the next pattern that I can see that stands out to me and eventually you’ll you’ll pick up these patterns straight away is a black red black red black. Now what I like to do is continue that pattern until it stops so I’ll show you how to do that. Now, we’re just going to bet one unit and I’m going to just do I’m going to get up to 10 units, profit, the drawdown or maximum bits. Could get high but usually around if we double one to 2, then to 4, then to 8, usually around 8 to 16 at the max using this method should there be the the most drawdown you should should get or the the most risk.

So, let’s see how ago I could be wrong because again there is randomness to it, but I’m going to try and read the colors, I think will most likely be spun. Okay. Now the idea here is rule.

It is random. Yes, so let’s use randomness on rule. It not only user patterns, but you can also use randomness to the extent of having to the same color series alternate to reds to blacks and follow that that pattern and I’ll show you how I decide when to start and stop that pattern all right here we Go okay!

That was very quick! Sometimes it’s not that quick, but as you can see there, I got ten units profit very quickly. Let’S look at some. That is a crazy graph that one, because that’s going straight up and that’s probably pretty good because in well, we didn’t start at Taylor twenty-nine spins, since we in sigh started talking, but that was probably in fifteen spins or so I didn’t track that. But that is a crazy that that’s usually not that great but as you can see, that was randomness to its best extent there and, as you can see, I think the farthest I got was uh two units or four units.

If that that I had to double up on, so that’s something really quick that you can try and using using the martingale to your advantage, it’s just when you keep on using martingale, but with this system it’s not really a system. It’S a type of method of play that you can use that can extend that martingale type play. So let me analyze now we’ll go through some more spins and I’ll analyze. What I’m thinking and how I best take those bets.

Okay, so always always remember, obviously your highest bankroll amount, because you want to keep adding to that, obviously, and not decreasing it. Okay. Sometimes I just bet to get my money back. But again that depends on the scenario.

So let’s do some spins. In this case, I haven’t seen a series of red for a long long time see the number of single single red sort of appeared. So I’m going to take this as a sign that there’s going to be a series of Reds all at once. It may not be the case it may it was okay, let’s keep betting on that pattern, to continue. Okay, the pattern stopped now I lost one unit there, I’m just going to continue as if it’s going to swap around back to red. In this case, it didn’t, but I’m going to stay on red.

Okay, I’d eventually pulled off now that could have gone to the other extreme and go on black black black black. Now, the way I do it, the most the most I’d like to see is three or four in a row before I actually go and go into that same colors that have appeared okay, so after three usually, I would go back to then bit black because, as You know, with your experience with roulette, that if you played a long time there can be ten blacks, it can be 15 blacks, 15 Reds in a row. Okay, so we’re basically waiting for that pattern will continue with that pattern and when it breaks, then we can continue with that same color or continue with that color that changed too. So, let’s continue on. Let’S, let’s just do a red when I continue on red back to red, continue on black, as if this pattern of red black red would continue it didn’t I’m going to keep on black got our unit. I keep on red there we go and if you analyze to be successful in roulette the more you analyze the game, the better your odds of getting some sort of system with success, okay, short term long terms, very hard, long term, I believe, is me impossible.

There may be systems out there, some people claim and they charge a great great amount for them. But yes, I still doubt that okay, now with this sort of system, I would I would be happy to start with 150 to 200 units. Okay, just betting one unit and build that up so once that gets to well I’d, be using other other systems as well, but if I only knew this system I’d be very cautious once that went over a hundred dollars in profit, I could then go to another Unit so adding two units on so obviously there’s more risk there, but you’ve got a higher bankroll then to play with, but you also want to protect your profit. So there’s two friends of mine: you can either be careful two mindsets there. You can be conservative. Take your money all right, you could double the bits or double the original unit see a bit two unit is a first and then double after each loss.

Okay, so you will likely find that twenty units you should be able to get in fifteen to twenty minutes. The live-live wheels so I prefer to play on the on the live roulette wheel. I don’t use this method that often, but occasionally when I get sick of the other systems, I default back to this one and it’s a good good, easy one. You don’t have to really think a lot.

You don’t really win a lot. So that’s good. If you just want to get a bit of profit and let your profit pay for your dinner and then you’ve got a you had a free night. So so I hope this helps in giving you some idea of what to look for, and just remember, to have not twenty dollars, because it’s just literally money you’ve got to have at least one hundred hundred fifty dollars to allow for the three or four or five Losses in this type of system with the martingale, but don’t write off the martingale.

A lot of people write it off in short, stints it can be okay. So, while looking at patterns and understanding a little bit more of what potentially could come out will help you than just randomly betting, like you can see on this picture here, which I think many people do. I will just put on here here now now these people that are doing these bets may have more than likely a a bit of a strategy there, but yeah most the time the everyday casino person will just place it play evenly place their bets on all different Numbers or the odd, and even but usually you know that they’re at least 25 units or so you’ll find the casino, but they even even money bets which doesn’t pay it as much and there’s table limit so always watch your tail limits. I don’t use the actual chips on the the actual casino wheels.

I use it’s a live wheel, but I use the the roulette live roulette still with a live dealer, but the computerized screens, where you tap and make the bits I just find. There’S less pressure and the amount the lowest bit are a lot lower. So I hope that’s helpful and I’ll be back with another system shortly in relation to repeats and talking about repeats hits and sleepers thanks for watching